Meet the Crew



Captain of Chaos

Oi, yo, ahoy matey, g’day, hey there! “Welcome to the original and best boat party in barcelona. My name is Janice and I’m your Captain of Chaos.  Please remain seated until the captain has pulled out completely. First things first, here’s a little bit of rules for ya: Please no smoking or jumping aggressively on the nets. No pissing, discarding of garbage or throwing your mates overboard. If one of your less intelligent friends do happen to fall into the ocean, after pointing and laughing, you may chuck them a life jacket, which can be conveniently located under your seats. Any trouble makers may answer to our fun-police/security Matt and Sean. Please welcome our DJ, Logan, aka DJ FRANK We have 2 hours to get you all nicely lubricated with our open bar so let’s get started!  Shiver me timbers, sail ho!


Hayden Webber or Webs


Nationality: Aussie!
I’m a good time cause no matter who you are I’ll find a way to make us party to another level.


Katie Pritch

KPIZZLE AKA The Spaghetti Armed Menace

DESCRIPTION: I got the slipperiest of the snake hips, lengthy legs and love to shake what my mumma gave me til the early hours of the morning. If you’re not laughing with me you’re 100% laughing at me. Also…Hummus is life.


Henry Payten

The Henz,

Nationality: Australian
If you can’t find the party you must be the party- this couldn’t be more true in my case. I’m a good time coz I like to party. I am the party. Party. Come party with me.


DJ Frank, aka Logan

Part-time DJ, part-time monkey and full-time ginger. Two days a week for two hours a day, I set up my decks on deck at the upper level of Naval boat, put on my ‘I <3 booty’ hat, grab myself a beer, and then I start the party. and yes I do take requests as long as it’s it’s not Avicii, I prefer the Beiber type of melody. Just kidding (half kidding) but in all honesty, I’m not going to pretend that I’m a Barcelona House DJ super star, I like playing music that gets the crowd going; I’m altruistic like that. After the boat party, I have to be dragged against my own will to continue drinking and partying at the next bar… I really don’t want to go…really… I don’t… no, seriously… I have to be dragged by the hair and then they force me to take free shots and 1€ beers… Jerks they are. I’ve been DJ’ing Stoke Travel’s boat parties here in Barcelona for the past 2 years. They have been the two most craziest summers! I hope to do another summer on the Mediterranean next year!


Olivia Bromley


Nationality: New Zealand
Why I am a good time: I can talk about anything and love making friends with people all over the world!

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