How to spend an epic evening in Barcelona…



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Coming to Barcelona this summer? We’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re looking to bask in Barcelona’s sun while sipping on some vino or you want to party all night long, we’ve got something for everyone. Check out these three scenarios to see what your perfect evening could look like — and yes, they all end with you partying for free at a nightclub because if you’re not doing that in Barcelona, why are you even here?

And hey, if you want something more personalized, we’ve got you too! Just message us here, and we’ll tailor your Barcelona experience — all for free.

Let’s get your plans in motion:

Barcelona Plan 1: Sip & Sway

Wine or beer—whatever your drink of choice is—start your evening tasting delicious whites, reds, rosés, cava, and vermouths from Catalonia and beyond, or try some local craft beers. Whether you want to sip at a cellar, rooftop, beachside, or park, you name it, and we make it happen.

Feeling a little tipsy already? Perfect! Now, why not party for free at Barcelona’s best nightclubs? Fritty has a range of options for you every single night. Whether you’re into hip-hop or Latin beats, get free entry to the party of your choice thanks to the Fritty app.

Barcelona Plan 2: Boats & Beats

Time to soak up the sun, feel the breeze in your hair, and jam out to some classic (or not-so-classic) tunes while you drown yourself in booze on the best boat party ever! Dance off, eat some paella (or croissants because why not), keep the drinks flowing, or take a dip in the sea—there’s something for everyone.

After the boozy boat party, you’ll be itching to keep the fun going all night. Use Fritty’s free nightclub entry and party until sunrise. You only live once—why not go from the sea to the club for free? After seeing the sunset, you’ve got to party until the sunrise. Then, we’ll get you to bed! 

Barcelona Plan 3: Glam & Jam

This is going to be a legendary night, my favorite party animal! Let’s fuel up because we’re going to drink like fish. But we don’t do it the boring way in Barcelona—head to Gatsby restaurant to enjoy cocktails and modern Spanish cuisine at a chic, Roaring Twenties-inspired lounge with cabaret shows.

Now that you’re vibing and dancing, it’s time for the wildest party bus ride of your life! Cruise around and see Barcelona by night while being served unlimited alcohol. And where will we drop you off after? You guessed it, you naughty party animal—you’re being dropped off at the best nightclub! And what’s even better? You’ll get in for free and keep dancing and partying, all thanks to the Fritty app.

Masked girls in cage Barcelona bus party


Barcelona is waiting for you — get ready for fun, friends, and (un)forgettable nights!

Let’s make this summer the best one yet!