Barcelona Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Parties On A Barcelona Rooftop

Price: 45,00

Duration: 2h


Barcelona’s unpretentious wine tastings (more a “wine drinking” but a tasting, but anyway), where you’ll learn a little, drink a lot, feel cultural and adventurous, and have the most fun meeting new people from around the world. Our wine guides will help you through a selection of Spanish sparkling (cava), whites, rosés and reds on our rooftop tasting spot, before sending you off into the crazy Barcelona night with your new pals.

This wine drinking experience is an unpretentious and overgenrous tasting brought to you by the team at ¿Wine Not?

Beyond getting you delightfully pissed on a beautiful Barcelona rooftop, we want to demystify Spanish wine lists for you, so you can approach restaurants and bars with the confidence of a seasoned wine-drinking pro.

We’ll explore a series of Spanish Reds, Whites, and Roses, giving you enough information you can repeat it back to your friends and family and sound cultured.

We want to help you taste the wines, to guide you through the tasting process rather than tell you what they should taste like.

Join us on our Barcelona wine-tasting rooftop! We can also do tastings indoors, in the park or even on the beach, if that’s how you see your Barcelona wine-tasting experience unfolding.


Every day of the week from 17:00-19:00 in Winter (October-May), and 19:00-21:00 during Summer (May-October)

Contact us at for different times. We love drinking wine at any time of the day or night

US +1 619 354 5114
ES +34 937 370 373
UK +44 20 376 97366
AU +61 291 889 320


+34 963 370 373
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