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Barcelona’s Least Pretentious & Most Fun Wine Tastings

Is there anything more enjoyable than drinking wine in Barcelona with new friends? We don’t think so

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This the Barcelona wine tasting (more a “wine drinking” but a tasting, but anyway) where we teach you about Spain’s wine, you get to meet interesting new people, you can write it off as being something cultural, while getting delightfully pissed on a beautiful Barcelona rooftop.

We want to demystify Spanish wine lists for you, so you can approach restaurants and bars with the confidence of a seasoned wine-drinking pro.

We want to help you taste the wines, to guide you through the tasting process rather than tell you what they should taste like.

We want to show you the differences between Spain’s main grapes, in Spain’s production methods, and the local systems of wine aging and labelling.

We most of all want you to have a whole bunch of fun while learning about Spain’s wines in a relaxed setting.

So should you add a wine tasting to your Barcelona trip?
¿Wine Not?

Check out more information on our Barcelona wine tastings here.

And fill out the contact form under the “questions” tab if you want a bespoke wine tasting, or have any questions at all.

Barcelona Wine tastings are €40 per person and include:

  • A passionate wine guide to introduce you to some delicious wines from all over Spain, including:
  • A welcome cava,
  • Two white wines,
  • One rosé,
  • Three red wines,
  • Plus a charcuterie board to pair with the wines.

We can also organise a private chef to prepare four hot tapas as well as the charcuterie board to pair with the wines for €20 per person extra.

And if you have a group with particular needs/tastes (we can do anything! Maybe you guys really love white wines, reds, rosés – we can tailor the tasting to you), please don’t hesitate to reach out via the contact form under the “questions” tab, or to, and we’ll make your grape juice dreams become reality.

We also include the following ambience:

  • A group of interesting wine drinkers to really encourage you to really enjoy what you’re drinking,
  • Chat a little about tasting and production techniques,
  • To learn about the grapes and the regions we’re enjoying, and above all, the chance to have a whole lot of fun. We want to be the anti-wine wanker tasting in Barcelona, so come along if you want an unpretentious tasting with passionate wineos in a relaxed environment where you can really enjoy the vino as well as learn something about it.

Join us on our Barcelona wine tasting rooftop! We can also do tastings indoors, in the park or even on the beach, if that’s how you see your Barcelona wine tasting experience unfolding. 

Wine Not Summer Schedule:

  • Every day of the week from 17:00-19:00
    • Contact us via the “questions” tab below, or at for different times. We love drinking wine at any time of the day or night

Dress to impress… yourself! Wear what you want, just so long as your comfortable then we can drink wine. Some people will want to dress up (for the ‘Gram) and some will want to dress down (for the red wine spillage). 

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